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On April 9, 1965, Mickey Mantle hit the first home run in the Houston Astrodome, off pitcher Turk Farrell.

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Q: Who gave up the first home run in the Astrodome to Mickey Mantle?
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Who gave up Mickey Mantle's first hit?

On April 17, 1951, Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill Wight gave up Mickey Mantle's first hit. It was an RBI single to left field.

What pitchers gave up home runs to Mickey Mantle in 1959?

Mickey Mantle hit 31 home runs in 1959. Some of the pitchers that gave up the home runs include: Pedro Ramos (1st home run of the season, 250 career HR) Jim Bunning, Bob Grim, frank Lary, Bill Monbouquette, Gary Bell, Billy Pierce, and others.

What physical attributes did New York Yankee management see in Mickey Mantle?

The management of the New York Yankees reviewed the performance of Mickey Mantle and gave him the highest marks in the following areas: 1. Speed; 2. Throwing; and 3. Power.

What pitcher gave up the very first home run the Houston AstroDome?

The very first home run ever hit in the Astrodome was hit on opening day, April 15, 1965 by Dick Allen, off Bob Bruce. Box score:

What New York Yankee executive gave the final approval of Mickey Mantle's starting salary of seven thousand and five hundred dollars?

General Manager George Weiss approved Casey Stengel's opinion on Mantle's salary in 1951. This was done on the train trip to Washington DC.

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What happened to Mickey Mantle?

The Greatest switch hitter of all time, New York Yankees Mickey Mantle led the American League in home runs four times, was named the most valuable player in the American League three times. including 1956 when he won the Triple crown. That Year Mickey batted .356 hit 52 Home Runs, and knocked in 130 RBIs. Mickey Mantle was a 16 time All-star, played on 12 pennant winning teams, and owns 7 World Series Rings. Mantle still hold many post season records including a record 18 World Series Home runs. "If that guy were healthy, he'd hit eighty home runs." - Carl Yastrzemski Mickey Mantle also hit some of the longest home runs in Major League history. On September 10, 1960, he hit a ball that cleared the right-field roof at Tiger Stadium in Detroit that was estimated years after to have traveled 643 feet. Another Mickey Mantle homer at Griffith Stadium in Washington on April 17, 1953, was measured to have traveled 565 feet. One of his most famous home runs came inches away from clearing the Yankee Stadium facade to be the only hitter to hit the ball out of Yankee Stadium. The Ball was still traveling up when it hit. On January 16, 1961, Mickey Mantle became the highest-paid active baseball player by signing a $75,000 contract. Years after he retired Mantle was asked with the High salaries ball players are getting paid today. How much did he think he would make. He Smiled, and said he would walk into George Steinbrenner's office and say "Hello Partner" After years of Playing in pain due to all the leg injuries, Mickey called it quits after the 1968 season. When Mickey Mantle retired he was third on the all time list for Home runs with 536 behind Babe Ruth 714, and Willie Mays 583. For more on Mickey Mantle's Bio, information on his playing career, and Mickey Mantle Memorabilia visit the Link I left below.

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Who was on deck when Roger Maris hit hie 60st home run?

Hector Lopez. Maris' 60th in 1961 came in the 3rd inning of the game played September 26, 1961 against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium. Jack Fisher was the Orioles' pitcher who gave up #60. Lopez pinch ran for Mickey Mantle in the 1st inning and assumed Mantle's cleanup spot in the lineup.

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How many homeruns did mickey mantle hit in 1956?

See Related Links below for a complete list of Mickey Mantle Home runs. The list includes Career and season Home Run number, date hit, what side of the plate he was hitting from, the team he hit it against, the ballpark, and the pitcher that gave up the home run. The list includes All star, and World Series Home runs. Everything but the inning he hit it in. You will have to count the Multiple Home run Games. (allow time for the page to load it is a long list.)

What pitcher gave up Willie Mays 500th home run?

Willie Mays hit his 500th home run on September 13, 1965 off of Don Nottebart of the Houston Astros.