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Mark McGwire hit Home run number 70 on September 27, 1998 off Expos pitcher Carl Pavano, in St. Louis.

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Q: Who gave up mark mcgwire's 70th home run?
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What is mark mcgwires parents names?

Mark Mcgwires parents were John and Ginger Mcgwire.

What is Mark mcgwires nickname?

Big Mac

Who gave up mark mcgwires 69th home run?

Mike Thurman of the Montreal Expos on September 27, 1998. McGwire hit #70 later in the same game.

Which pitcher gave up Mark McGwires record breaking 62nd home run in the1998 season?

Steve Trachsel of the Chicago Cubs was the Pitcher that Mark McGwire went deep on in order to get his 62nd Homerun in the 1998 season.

How far was Mark McGwire's 70th home run?

I think it was 370 feet.

What are the names of Mark McGwires brothers?

Mike, Bob, Danny, Jay

What is the most valuable baseball?

Mark McGwire's 70th home-run baseball at $3.05 million

How much would mark mcgwires 63 home run run ball be worth?

Mark McGwire home run Number 63The year Mark McGwire broke Roger Maris's record in 1998 McGwire hit 70 Home runs, and hit 65 the following year in 1999. Mark McGwire's 63rd Home Run ball sold for $50,000. at the same auction that saw McGwire's 70th Home Run ball sell at a record $3 million in 1999. Keep in mind this is also before the steroid scandal, and both baseballs might sell at a much lower price today.

What is the most expensive baseball ever sold?

Mark McGwire 70th Home Run Ball (1998) - $3,005,000

How long was mark mcgwires career?

he played 16 seasons, with the Oakland Athletics and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Mark Magire hit his 70TH home run off which expos pitcher?

Mark McGwire hit home run number 70 off Expos pitcher Carl Pavano.

Which stadium did Mark McGwire hit his 70th home run?

September 27, 1998 (D) at Busch Stadium II

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