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Q: Who from jls supports Chelsea football team?
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What football team do Jessie J support?

Aston supports Arsenal JB supports Arsenal Marvin supports Chelsea Oritse supports Chelsea

What football team does Aston support?

Aston Merrygold From JLS Supports Arsenal. C'mon Arsenal xx

Which football team does Aston support in jls?


What is JLS's favorite sport?

JLS's favourite sport is Football. Aston grew up playing football.

Which JLS member supports Arsenal?

aston merrygold

Have jls done any charity stuff?

Yes! Each of the JLS boys chose a charity to support. Aston supports "Beat Bullying" JB supports "Rays Of Sunshine" Marvin supports "ChildLine" and Oritsé supports the "MS" charity! x

What is JB in JLS' favourite sport?


What is JLS's favourite sport?

football and swimming

Who started the team JLS?


What is Marvins from jls favourite sport?

Football ;) :D

How old is asten from the jls team?


What sport did jls used to play?

Football and Rugby mostly