Who founded the lakers?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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The founder of the Lakers were Sid Hartman, Morris Chalfen, and Ben Berger

I got the answer from: who was the founder of the lakers?

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Q: Who founded the lakers?
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In what year was the LA Lakers founded?


When was lakers established?

The Lakers' franchise was founded in 1946 in Detroit, Michigan before moving to Minneapolis. They joined the NBA in 1948.

What year was lakers first game?

The team was founded in 1947 and joined the NBA in 1948.

What year did the lakers start?

The Lakers franchise was founded as the Detroit Gems in 1946. The team moved to Minneapolis and became the Lakers in 1947 and then moved to Los Angeles in 1960.

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Was lakers a minnasota team?

From 1946 - 1959 the Lakers were known as the Minneapolis Lakers.

Who won lakers or bulls?

It was the Lakers who won that match.

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How did the Lakers get there name?

The Lakers originated from Minnesota, and there are a lot of lakes there. Hence, the name Lakers.