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Rube Foster and later taken over by Gus Greenlee.

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Q: Who founded the Negro National League?
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Who founded the national negro business league?

Booker T. Washington

Who was known as the father of black baseball and that founded the negro national league?

Rube Foster

What date was baseball's negro national league founded by Andrew rube foster?

It was in the year of 1920.

When was National Negro Business League created?

National Negro Business League was created in 1900.

When were the Negro Leagues formed?

Rube Foster founded the National Negro League in 1920. But there were black players playing long before this. The Lone Star Colored League was formed in 1897 with 8 teams.

When did the negro league baseball exist?

The first organized league of teams consisting solely of African-Americans -- it was called the Negro National League -- was in 1920. This first league lasted until 1931. A second league, also called the Negro National League, was organized in 1933. Another league, the Negro American League, was launched in 1937. The former folded after the 1949 season, the latter held on until 1962.

Who founded the negro business league?

Booker T. Washington

Known as the father of black baseball who founded the negro national league and what year was it?

I am pretty sure it was Buck O' Neil i am just not sure of the year.

Who founded the National Consumers League in 1895?

The National Consumer's League was founded by Florence Kelley in 1895.

What was the reasoning for the Negro League?

The Negro League was a league founded by Ruth Foster. The Negro League let black people play baseball in their own league. The Negro League was the major league for black people. Most people do not believe this but the Negro League was rougher than the major league back around the 1900s. When Ruth Foster died the Negro League shut down. A few years later Gus Greenlee took over the Negro League. He was a manager of a team. He had the team with Sachel Paige on it. If you weren't aware he was the best Negro baseball player.

Does NFL stand for Negro Felon League?

Afraid it stands for National Football League

Who founded the National Council of Negro Women in 1935?

Mary McLeod Bethune.