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Q: Who found out who wrote the messages Haunting at Home Plate?
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Who wrote the novel 'The Haunting of Hill House'?

* Shirley Jackson

What did the Muslim Muhammad do after receving messages from Allah?

He either wrote them down, or told the messages to his fellow companions.

How did babington send messages to Mary queen of Scots?

Anthony Babington wrote coded messages to Mary Queen of Scots. He gave the message to Gilbert Gifford who then hid it in a beer barrel's cork. Mary then found these and wrote back the same way but the opposite way. she would put the message into the cork and then Gifford will find it and then give it to Babington. Gifford also copied the messages and sent them to Thomas Phillips who would then decode the messages and send them to Queen Elizabeth.:) there you go

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I Text him, Left him messages, wrote him latter, why is he not responding?

Did Mariah Carey write suicide messages?

She wrote them in her head, but they never made it to the studio.

Muhammed's messages became what holy book?

Muhammad began the Islamic religion. Muhammad believed that he was divinely given messages, which he wrote down, and they ultimately became the Koran.

Who wrote the song The Lost Get Found?

Britt Nicole wrote "The Lost Get Found". It is the title track on one of her albums.

You take pictures of messages by holding the lock button and home button at the same time then go to your pictures and you will see it is there it also works for the iphone and ipodtouch?

I wrote this and it is excatly how you take pictures of your messages and screen

Who was the girl that Selena Perez sent messages to when she wrote a book?

the girl that Selena sent message is me i miss Selena so much

Who wrote Haunted Hill?

I think you mean "Haunting of Hill House" which, if memory serves correctly was adapted into the movie "House on Haunted Hill" (Though, I may be wrong on that one), in which case: Shirley Jackson. The same woman who wrote "The Lottery" and "We Have Always Lived In The Castle". Great author.

Can the ticket be dismissed if the wrong state is written down for the license plate as it is a Florida plate but the officer wrote down Minnesota?

No. The issue is a minor one and if all the other information is correct, the name of the driver, plate number etc. the ticket is valid.

Why did lord durham wrote his report?

He wrote his report because he was sent to British North America to investigate the circumstances which led to the 1937 rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada. After he investigated and found out he wrote it in the report to tell Britain what he had found.