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Ray Perkins' final season as head coach of Alabama was 1986. The head coach in 1987 was Bill Curry.

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Q: Who followed Ray Perkins As University of Alabama Football coach?
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Who was Alabama's football coach after Ray perkins?

Bill Curry succeeded Ray Perkins as the Alabama Crimson Tide football coach.

Who was the Alabama football coach after Bear Bryant?

Bear Bryant's last season with Alabama was 1982. He was succeeded by Ray Perkins who was head coach from 1983-1986.

Who was the Alabama coach in 1986?

Ray Perkins. Perkins was head coach of Alabama between 1983-1986.

What is the value of an autographed 1985 Alabama football with mike shula ray perkins and cornelius bennett signatures?

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Who was the Alabama coach after bear Bryant?

Ray Perkins

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What position did former head coach ray perkins play when he played for Alabama?

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