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To me Reggie Bush is faster.

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Q: Who faster reggie bush or mike Wallace?
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Who is faster mike Wallace or desean Jackson?

mike Wallace

Who is faster Percy harvin or mike Wallace?

mike Wallace

Who is faster jacoby ford or mike Wallace?

Wallace by a nose.

Who is faster deSean Jackson or Mike Wallace?

Desean Jackson

Who is the fastest out of mike Wallace and desean Jackson?

there is no doubt that Desean Jackson is the fastest in the NFL, most definitely faster than mike Wallace and Devin Hester

Who is faster Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers or Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans?

Chris Johnson appears to be faster.

Is desean Jackson faster than mike Wallace?

desean jackson by a mile. i dont care what madden 13 says. desean jackson would destroy mike wallace in a race

Who is faster than devin Hester in the nfl?

Mike Wallace and Chris Johnson, possibly Adrian Peterson

Is Mike Wallace the fastest player in the NFL?

Yes he is....nobody can out run him. Nobody is possibly faster than him.

When did Mike Wallace die?

Mike Wallace died on April 7, 2012.

What college did mike Wallace go to?

mike wallace completed university in futo

What is Mike Wallace's birthday?

Mike Wallace was born on May 9, 1918.

When was Mike Wallace born?

Mike Wallace was born on May 9, 1918.

What actors and actresses appeared in 20th Century with Mike Wallace - 1995?

The cast of 20th Century with Mike Wallace - 1995 includes: Mike Wallace as Himself - Host

What NFL team does Mike Wallace play for?

Mike Wallace plays for the Miami Dolphins.

What college did Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Wallace attend?

Mike Wallace attended the University of Mississippi.

Is mike Wallace dead?

No, Mike Wallace is still alive and well at 93 years old.

What is Mike Wallace's number on the Miami Dolphins?

Mike Wallace is number 11 on the Miami Dolphins.

What position does Mike Wallace play?

Mike Wallace plays Wide Receiver for the Miami Dolphins.

How tall is Mike Wallace from the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Mike Wallace is 6' 0" tall.

Does Mike Wallace play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Yes. Mike Wallace is currently a wide receiver for the Steelers.

What college did NFL player Mike Wallace play for?

NFL player Mike Wallace played for Mississippi.

When was Mike Wallace - racing driver - born?

Mike Wallace - racing driver - was born on 1959-03-10.

How much does NFL player Mike Wallace weigh?

NFL player Mike Wallace weighs 195 pounds.

Who is better mike Wallace or santionio Holmes?

Santionio Holmes is better because he has more experence than mike Wallace