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Unofficially: Pernell Whitaker

Officially: Frankie Randall

Chavez was a brilliant fighter at his best, however, it must be said.

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Q: Who ended julio chavez win streak in boxing?
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What is the longest winning streak in boxing history?

It was Julio Cesar Chavez from Mexico. He had an 88-fight win streak before his first draw. And the longest streak until his first loss, was Jimmy Wilde with 103 Wins.

In which sport was Julio Cesar Chavez famous for?


What Mexican boxing champ lost for the first time to little known Frankie randall?

Julio Cesar Chavez

What is Julio Chavez's birthday?

Julio Chavez was born on July 14, 1956.

When was Julio Chavez born?

Julio Chavez was born on July 14, 1956.

What is the birth name of Julio Cesar Chavez?

Julio Cesar Chavez's birth name is Julio Csar Chvez Gonzalez.

What is Julio Cesar Chavez JR known for?

Julio Cesar Chavez JR is a middleweight Mexican pro boxer who is most known for being the son of the legendary boxer Julio Cesar Chavez. At the age of 25 he won the World Boxing Council's middleweight belt in June 2011 and after defending the title three times, he lost it back to Sergio Martinez in September 2012 (from who he won the title in 2011).

How old is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr?

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is 26 years old.

Was Cesar chavez married?

Cesar chavez is not married to julio but was married to helen.\

What is Julio Cesar most well known for?

Julio Cesar Chavez is a retired Mexican boxer known for his punching power. He was a six-time world champion in three weight divisions and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2011.

How many Mexican boxers have three or more boxing titles at different weight?

Julio Cesar Chavez Marco Antonio Berrera Oscar De La Hoya is Mexican American.

What were some of Oscar de la hoya's accomplishments?

boxing: specifically winning a gold medal and world titles in 6 different weight classes, and twice beating an ageing julio Cesar chavez sr.