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Q: Who else is on an NBA team other than players?
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How many players to form a volleyball team?

There always has to be at least 6 players in a volleyball team, but you can have a couple more than that and sub on to give some of the other players a rest.

How many players on a basketball team exactlly?

It depens what team and every team cant have more than 15 players

How many players are on a line for a baseball team?

9 players are on a field at once but a team can consist of more players than 9

Can you have more than 11 players on the field and still spike the ball?

Yes but that would be a penalty to have to many players on the field, if they are on the other team then they will get the penalty.

Is there another person on the basketball team other than 5 people?

In the NBA, 12 players dress for each game for each team. Usually, all 12 players do not play in the game but the coach will substitute players in and out of the game on a regular basis. Other people on a basketball team are the head coach, assistant coaches, and trainer.

How many players does one basketball team contain?

A basketball team consists of 12 players. In the actual gameplay only 5 of these players play at a time.

What team sport has 3 players?

If a team has 5 players who are eligible to play and not injured, the team must play with 5 -- in that circumstance, the team does not have the option of playing with less than 5 players. A team can also play with less than 5 as long as the team started the game with 5 players.

Why do world cup teams goalkeepers were different colors than their team?

They will be easily identified from other field players

Can a team play with less than three players?

if the team really sux, then yes

How interact players with bookies?

When a player does best performance in team , he feels better than other players .He thinks that he can't be captured by game management and gamblers also find like those players nd bookies sure them this fixing will not leak out . You will get more and more benefit than other players . you should cooperate with us in this dealing.

What team will win out of the bull and the nets?

the bulls because they have better players than ever team

What other role players are needed to run a soccer team except the soccer players?

A soccer team is made up of many people besides the actual players. First of all a great team needs an outstanding coach who has experience with the game. Teams may also have trainers, managers, medical staff, nutrition specialists and so on. The team outside of the players expands with the level of play. Professional teams have more "team members" than recreational teams.