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Kaka earns more money then Ronoldhino.

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Q: Who earns more money ronaldinho or kaka?
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Who earns more money David Beckham or Ronaldinho?


Who earns more money Ronaldinho or Ronaldo?


What person earns more money salesman or doctor?

doctor earns more money than salesman

Who is the best football player in Brazil?

Kaka. <3 no it is Ronaldinho, the best, u dunno blap blap. Say no more

What career does earn more money?

messi earns more money

How much ricardo kaka earns?

Brazilian soccer great Ricardo Kaka makes about $17 million per year or more. His net worth is thought to be over $165 million.

Who are the best players in Football manager 2005?

Carlos Tevez, Kaka, Ronaldinho,Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, lots more... lol

Who earns more money a midwife or an ob?


Who earns more money musicians or actors?


Which search engine earns more money?


Who earns more money in dentistry?

the main doctor

Who earns more money cricket or football?


Who earns more money Messi or Ronaldo?

ofcourse its ronaldo...

What job earns more money accountant or a solicitor?


Who earns more money wrestlers or footballers?

football players

What sports earn more money than footballers?

golf earns more money than footballers

Why Ronaldinho and Kaka were not selected in fifa world cup 2014 They are more experienced and play better?

Because the people that make the selections decided so. Other opinions are irrelevant

Who earns more Aeronautical or Aerospace engineer?

More money than other engineer

HenryTheresa and Sarah all got a summer jobSarah earns 20 more than Henry and Henry earns 0.65 more an hour than TheresaTogether they earn 26.55 an hourHow much money does each person earn?

Sarah earns 9.20 Henry earns 9.00 Theresa earns 8.35

Does piers Morgan raise more money than Simon cowl?

No, Simon Cowell earns more.

Is it money earns more money?

I have been using this FREE Website to earn more money, I have been poor for days... And I am giving you, what I got Here, use this referral link and start earning htt ps://exe.i o/6tgz (remove the spaces)

How much does a chess player earn?

A chess player earns a varied amount of money. The better you are the more money you get paid.

Who earns more money pyhsiologist or pediatrcians?

Most times, a psychologist will earn more money. It can depend upon the experience of the doctor and the type of pediatrician they are.

Who earns more money Microsoft or apple?

apple by far. Apple is the richest company in the world!

How much money do a potential fashion designer earns a year?

more than one lakh..!