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Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty both drove cars sponsored by Meineke.

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Jeff Gordon did not drive For Meineke, Richard petty never drove for Meineke. 
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Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty.

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Q: Who drove the Meineke car through Nascar history?
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Who drove the 9 car in the Nascar Cup Series from 2009 - 2010?

Kasey Kahne drove the 9 car in the Nascar Cup Series from 2004 through race #31 of the 2010 season. Aric Almirola drove the 9 car in the last five races of 2010.

Who drove the Viagra nascar?

Mark Martin,

Who are the past drivers in Nascar that drove for sponsor John Deere?

Despite being a leading manufacturer of farm equipment and accessories, John Deere doesn't have a long history of sponsorship with NASCAR. The only driver who actually drove in a John Deere-sponsored car in NASCAR's premier series full time is Chad Little, who drove #23/97 from 1997-2000. Kurt Busch drove a few races in the #97 John Deere Ford at the end of the 2000 season.

Who drove Army 01 in NASCAR?

Joe Nemecheck did.

Who drove the 9 car in nascar?

Dale Jr. drove the 9 car Kasey Kahne drove the 8 car in 2007

Why aren't 60 series numbers used in Nascar Sprint Cup Series racing?

In Nascar's history, numbers 60 through 69 have all been used one time or another in the Cup Series.In the 2011 Sprint Cup Series, Mike Skinner, Landon Cassill, Todd Bodine and Dave Blaney all drove the #60. Also, Michael McDowell, Todd Bodine and Josh Wise drove the #66.

Who drove the batman car in 1999 in nascar?

In 1999, the Batman car in NASCAR was driven by Jeff Gordon. He drove a specially designed Batman-themed paint scheme on his No. 24 Chevrolet.

Which Nascar driver drove the McDonald's car in 1993?

Hut Strickland drove the McDonald's car in 1993.

What was Tony Stewart's old racing number?

From 1999 through the 2008 season, Tony Stewart drove the #20 Home Depot car in the Nascar Cup Series.

How many Nascar races did Jeff Gordon enter in 2004?

Jeff Gordon drove the full 36 race Nascar Cup Series schedule in 2004.

Which NFL coach once drove a handful of races in the Nascar Nationwide Series?

Jerry Glanville

What are the names of the three women who drove in Nascar races at Daytona?

Janet GuthrieShawna RobinsonDanica Patrick