Who drives Dale Earnhardt Sr's car?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Following Dale Sr's death in 2001, Richard Childress placed Kevin Harvick in the GM Goodwrench Chevy, using the #29. But as of today, GM Goodwrench is no longer a sponsor and the #3 is not being used in the Cup Series.

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Q: Who drives Dale Earnhardt Sr's car?
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What name brand is Dale Earnhardt Jr's car?

Dale Jr. drives the #88 Chevrolet Impala.

Who is Jeffrey Earnhardt's father?

Jeffrey Earnhardt's father is Kerry Earnhardt. Kerry is Dale Sr's son and Dale Jr's half brother.

Who drives sprint cup car for Dale Earnhardt inc?

42-juan pablo montoya 1- jamie mcmurry

What color was Dale Earnhardt Srs Race Car?

In 1970, when Dale Earnhardt was 19 years old, his neighbors let him have their 1956 Ford Victoria. His father Ralph built the engine and the friends of the family helped paint it. When they mixed the paint it accidentally came out pink. Since they did not have enough money to repaint the car, it was left that way. Dale drove the pink race car around the local dirt tracks of North Carolina.

What is the number of Dale Earnhardt Jr's car?


What year did dale Earnhardt sr drive the Elvis car in Vegas?

Dale Earnhardt Sr. never drove an Impala. Chevrolet switched from the Monte Carlo to the Impala after Dale Earnhardt Sr. was killed.

What was Dale Earnhardt Sr's car number in 1980?

Dale Sr. drove the #2 car in 1980.

What car will Dale Earnhardt Jr. drive after DEI?

Dale Jr will drive the 88 car for Hendrick Motorsports.

Who is the most fames race car driver?

Dale Earnhardt

Was Dale Earnhardt Sr's race car a Chevy?


Did Dale Earnhardt drive a number 2 miller car?


What was Dale Earnhardt Jr's 2008 car?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has driven the #88 Amp Energy/National Guard Chevy from 2008 to the present.