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The Detriot Lions play for the NFL (National Football League, they are in the NFC Central Division.

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Q: Who does the Detroit Lions play for in football?
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What do lions play?

football Detroit

What is the lions football state?

The Detroit Lions play in the State of Michigan.

What football team does tatum bell play for?

Detroit lions

When did john kitna play football for the Detroit Lions?


Did Mel Briggs play football for the Detroit Lions?


What football team are known as the lions?

Detroit. The Detroit Lions football team.

Who were the first to play football on thanksgiving day in 1934?

detroit lions

Do the Detroit Lions play football in Thanksgiving every season?

Yes. Detroit's holiday tradition began in 1933.

What two football teams play each Thanksgiving?

Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions.

In which sport do both lions and the Seahawks play?

American football -- specifically, the two teams are called the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks.

Are the Detroit Lions in the National or American league?

The Detroit Lions are a pro football team, and thus in neither of these baseball leagues. The Lions are in the National Football Conference of the NFL.

What sport do Many people watch on Thanksgiving?

FOOTBALL... Usaually its The Detroit Lions play someone. And The Dallas Cowboys play someone

What is Eminem's football team?

Eminem is from Detroit, Michigan. His favorite football team is the Detroit Lions.

Who is the football team of Detroit?


What sport does Matt Stafford play?

Matt Stafford plays football on the Detroit Lions. He is a quarterback and wears #9.

Did the Detroit Lions ever play a game in Michigan Stadium?

I found the answer before anyone even had a chance to reply.....The Detroit Lions did play a professional football game in Michigan Stadium, on September 22, 1971. They played the defending champion Baltimore Colts.

What football team is known as the Lions in English league?

The Detroit Lions.

How much is a autographed football from the 1975 Detroit lions?

Are there any existing autographed 1975 Detroit lions footballs

In what stadium do the Lions play?

The Detroit Lions play in the Ford Stadium

Where do the Detroit Lions play?

Ford Field is the home stadium of the Detroit Lions.Detroit is in Michigan.

What two football teams are playing on Thanksgiving 2010?

Detroit Lions And The New England Patriots Will Play At Ford Field In Detroit MI, Thanksgiving 2010

Average Minnesota Twins baseball game against the Detroit Lions is?

The Minnesota Twins are a baseball club, while the Detroit Lions are a football team. To my knowledge, the two have never met on the field of play. But... considering the futility of the Lions in recent years, I believe that the Twins would defeat the Lions in either game.

How did the Detroit Lions get their name?

Baseball had the Tigers,so the football franchise selected Lions.

Who plays football on Thanksgiving Day?

Detroit Lions

1934 Thanksgiving football game?

Detroit Lions