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Q: Who does soccer player Alan smith play for?
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Your a soccer player if?

if you play soccer

What team does Alan Smith play for?

Newcastle unitedNewcastle

Who inspired Alan Shearer to play football?

It was his father who encouraged him to play football (soccer).

What is the best way to be a soccer player?

To play soccer

For which British soccer club did Alan Shearer play for?

Southhampton, Blackburn, and Newcastle

Does Willow Smith play a sport?

yes she plays soccer

Who does Daniel smith play for?

Daniel Smith is a soccer player born in 1982. He has played for Bashley, Bournemouth, Winchester City, Eastleigh, and Bognor Regis Town. As of 2014, he is with Gosport Borough.

What college did NFL player Alan Branch play for?

NFL player Alan Branch played for Michigan.

What college did NFL player Alan Ball play for?

NFL player Alan Ball played for Illinois.

What would an avid soccer player be most likely to do?

An avid soccer player would be most likely to play soccer.

What are the tasks involved in being a soccer player?

play soccer and train

What college did NFL player Alan Bonner play for?

NFL player Alan Bonner played for Jacksonville State.