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He Plays College Football at The University of the Texas Longhorns. The browns

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Q: Who does colt mccoy play football for?
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Which professional football team does colt Mccoy play for?

Colt McCoy plays for the Washington Redskins in the NFL.

Who does Colt McCoy play for in college football?

University of Texas

What position does Colt McCoy play?

Colt McCoy plays Quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

Where is Colt McCoy playing pro football now?

Colt McCoy is the back up quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

What college did NFL player Colt McCoy play for?

NFL player Colt McCoy played for Texas.

Who is the McCoy on the Texas Longhorns Team this year in football?

Case McCoy colt's younger brother

What football teams has Colt Mccoy played for since 2006?

Colt Mccoy played for the Texas Longhorns since 2006. He was won many awards and is regarded as a football hero in Texas.

Is Colt McCoy playing football?

yes he is backup qb for browns

What is the birth name of Colt McCoy?

Colt McCoy's birth name is Daniel Colt McCoy.

What nicknames does Colt McCoy go by?

Colt McCoy goes by The Colt.

Who would win colt McCoy or Vince young?

Colt McCoy

Is Colt mccoy cute?

i think colt mccoy is very cute.

When was Colt McCoy born?

Colt McCoy was born on September 5, 1986.

What college did Colt McCoy go to?

Colt McCoy attended the University of Texas.

Who is the College Quarterback who may be the top draft pick in professional football in 2010?

Colt McCoy

Who is University of Texas football number 12?

QB Colt McCoy & DB Earl Thomas

Whos better colt mccoy pr Tim Tebow?

statistically colt mccoy

What year was Colt McCoy born?

Colt McCoy was born on Octember, 1234 B.C. PWNED!

Who is the best player in 2014 play football?

LeSean McCoy

Is Tim Tebow better than Colt MCcoy?

no colt mccoy is better than Tim tebow

How old is Colt McCoy?

Colt McCoy is 30 years old (birthdate: September 5, 1986).

Did Colt McCoy get traded from the Cleveland Browns?

No. Currently, Colt McCoy is still a member of the Cleveland Browns.

Who is Texas Longhorns Best football player?

Colt McCoy is their QB Their WRs are Jordan Shipley and Quan Cosby

How did Colt McCoy get injured?

Football injury. He kept the ball, got hit by an opposing player and hurt his shoulder.

Which NCAA football player has the most career wins?

Colt McCoy - QB, Texas Longhorns - 2007-2010