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Ash. Because serena and ash are childhood friends. And everyone knows that when a male child and a female child meet for the first time during there childhood means that someday that they will an official canon romantic couple like in Disney's The Lion King 1 and 2, disney's bambi 1 and 2, disney's brother bear 2, disney's sleeping beauty, disney square enix kingdom hearts 1, disney's frozen, megaman nt warrior, dragon ball and disney's phineas and ferb plus disney's Peter Pan. And that is one of reasons why ash and serena will one day be together forever and even at the fairy end of the pokemon anime. Amourshipping for live BABY YEAH WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: Who does Serena love more ash or clemont?
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Does Serena love clemont?

No!! She does not love clemont she loves ash

Will ash get all 3 starter Pokemon in kalos?

No, they will distribute the starters like they did in AG, one for each companion. Ash will get Froakie, Serena will get Fennekin and Clemont will get Chespin.

Does dawn love ash on Pokemon?

Yes, yes she totally, truelly true, and romantically love ash!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who does ash love in Pokemon?

serena. yes because serena too loves ash and as well as ash too loves serena and just like I have said in many answers they are the best ship.

Why clemont admire ash in pokemon?

her actions revealed that she held a special emotion for Ash.

Did Ash kiss Serena?

yes in the episode "until we complete again" serena kissed ash on the lips and ash realeased how much serena loves him then he responded happily after the kiss and said a sad goodbye ash many times had said goodbye to his friends but never sad then he realeased that he loves serena.

Who is ashes girlfriend?

serena. yes because ash and serena love each other and now you will be asking "how is that possible?" but I have my answer well misty always keeps fighting with ash and does not even like him she acts with with ash terribly and may she is more interested in fashion and make up and such things and dawn she does not like ash and ash does not like her too. and iris she will macth up with cilian more I think she likes cilian and not ash. well now let us take a look at serena she is perfect for ash because ash and serena love eachother and they never fight. please comment. THANK YOU.

What Az events happend in 2001?

Serena pene fell in love with ash park

Who is Ash's girlfriend in the Pokemon Anime series?

A lot of people mistake it for Misty as Ash's girlfriend, but that's not true. His true love is none other than Serena.

Does ash have a crush on Serena?

While it has not been OFFICIALLY confirmed by Nintendo, it is considered canon due to the mountain of evidence. Examples include how Serena blushes every time she talks to Ash, and how in XY26 Serena becomes the first character to not deny having a crush on Ash when teased about it. So, in short, yes, Serena has a crush on Ash.

Does ash want to marry misty in pokemon?

Yeah! Misty loves Ash.Ash and Misty will get married.A lot of people know Ash and Misty love each other.What if Ash and Misty get married and May gets so jealous.May doesn't belong to Ash.May belongs to Drew.Misty belongs to Ash.Misty kiss Ash.Ash and Misty will definitely get married.OKAY OKAY HOLD IT!! I TOTALLY AGREE THAT MAY GOES WITH DREW AND MISTY LIKE ASH BUT ASH DOESN'T LIKE MISTY!! SHE TREATS HIM TERRIBLY!! PLUS TRACEY GOES WITH MISTY AND WHAT ABOUT DAWN?! DAWN AND ASH GO TOGETHER PERFECTLY!have you seen a youtube video dawn kisses paul so misty+ash

Will Brian and Serena ever get married?

If you are patient yes you or they will.