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Kevin Harvick currently races for Richard Childress Racing.

In 2014, he will join Stewart-Haas Racing.

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Q: Who does Kevin Harvick race for in the Sprint Cup Series?
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What happened between Danica Patrick and Kevin Harvick in the Nationwide Series race on July 14 2012?

There was nothing personal between Patrick and Harvick during the Nationwide Series race. Kevin Harvick had problems with fellow driver Amber Cope during the race and directed a comment at Cope in the post race interview."She wants to be Danica Patrick, but she can't hold her helmet."

Who bought Kevin Harvick's race team?

Beginning in 2012, Kevin Harvick Incorporated merged their Nationwide Series team into Richard Childress Racing. KHI's Truck Series team was sold to Eddie Sharp Racing.

When was the 2013 Budweiser Shootout in NASCAR?

The Sprint Unlimited, formerly known as the Budweiser Shootout, was held on February 16, 2013. The race was won by Kevin Harvick.

What age was Kevin Harvick when he won his first Winston Cup race in 2001?

Kevin Harvick was 25 years old, when he won his first Winston Cup race at Atlanta in 2001.

What race tracks has Kevin Harvick not won?

The only track Jeff Gordon never won at in the Cup Series is Kentucky Speedway.

Which model car has the most wins in the 2011 Nascar Sprint Cup season?

Through race #20, Kevin Harvick's Chevrolet Impala and Kyle Busch's Toyota Camry are tied with three wins each in the Nascar Cup Series.

Who is the richest race car driver in nascar?

Kevin Harvick

Are Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch friends?

No, they are not. Since their altercation on May 7, 2011, their is a definite dislike between both drivers. Even Harvick's Cup Series car owner, Richard Childress, had a scuffle with Busch on June 4th. This was following a Nascar Truck Series race involving one of Childress' drivers.

How did Kevin Harvick become famous?

Kevin Harvick became famous for becoming the fastest driver winning the Winston Cup car race on March 11, 2001, breaking the previous record set by Dale Earnheart, Jr, in 2000.

Did Danica Patrick race in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series in 2011?

No, she did not race in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series. She raced in the IndyCar Series. She moved to Nascar in 2012.

Why didn't Kevin Harvick race in the Prelude to the Dream?

He was probably still mad at Joey Logano for how he said Kevin's wife wears the fire suit in the family.

How many drivers are in a Nascar Sprint Cup race?

43 drivers are in one Nascar Sprint Cup Series race.