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Siena at Allen at 7 p.m.

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Q: Who does Kansas play in basketball tonight?
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Where did dean smith play college basketball?

University of Kansas

Did Michael beasly play basketball in college?

Yes he did. He played for Kansas.

When does the basketball game tonight actually start?

at 7:00 tonight

When was Mr. Kansas Basketball created?

Mr. Kansas Basketball was created in 1983.

When was Miss Kansas Basketball created?

Miss Kansas Basketball was created in 1983.

What basketball team did Nathaniel Archibald play for?

he played for the Kansas city kings as well as the Boston Celtics

When was Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball created?

Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball was created in 1898.

Who is the all time leading scorer in Kansas State basketball history?

After the NCAA tourney game tonight, Jacob Pullen became the all time leading scorer for Kansas State University.

What is the official basketball team of Kansas?

The official basketball team of Kansas is the Kansas Jayhawks. They are based in the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. The mascot is a bird with a red head and a blue body.

In what city was basketball invented?

Basketball was invented Kansas by Dr. Naismith, a professor at KU. The University of Kansas' basketball arena is named the Dean A. Naismith Fieldhouse.

What is Michael Jordan's favorite hobby?

to play Basketball

How many conference championships has Kansas won in basketball?

Kansas has won 51 conference championships in basketball, more than any other college basketball team