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Q: Who does Cleveland Browns sport massages?
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What is Cleveland ohios city sport?

Cleveland has the professional teams called the Browns (football), the Indians (baseball), and the Cavaliers (basketball).

Who did Jim Brown play for?

The Cleveland Browns.

What sport did Lou Groza play?

Lou Groza was an American football player. He played his entire career for the Cleveland Browns.

When was Cleveland Browns Stadium created?

Cleveland Browns Stadium was created in 1999.

Which team replaced the original Cleveland Browns?

cleveland browns

What is Chris Ogbonnaya's number on the Cleveland Browns?

Chris Faulk is number 70 on the Cleveland Browns.

What is the sport team in Ohio?

Basketball: Cleveland Cavaliers Football: Cleveland Browns + Cincinnati Bengals Baseball: Cleveland Indians Soccer: Columbus ????? and I think there might be a Cleveland Team also Hockey: Toledo Walleye + maybe a Columbus team

What is the name of the field where the Cleveland Browns play?

Cleveland browns stadium. Its lame but true

What is the only NFL team without decoration on their helmets?

The Cleveland Browns.

When did the browns come back to Cleveland?

The Browns came back to Cleveland in 1999.

Did the Cleveland Browns appear in Super Bowl?

The Cleveland Browns have never been in a Super Bowl.

What is Johnson Bademosi's number on the Cleveland Browns?

Johnson Bademosi is number 24 on the Cleveland Browns.