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For the 2011 NFL Season the Eagles play the Dolphins, 49ers, Patriots, Jets, Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams, Bills, One Unknown team from NFC South and NFC North, & The Cowboys, Giants and Redskins Twice.

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Q: Who do the eagles play in 2011 in the NFL?
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Who did Jeff sydner play for in the nfl?

Philadelphia Eagles

Who will the eagles play after Dallas?

In the wild-card round of the NFL 2010-11 playoffs, the Green Bay Packers will play at Philadelphia on Sunday, January 9, 2011.

Which teams did Roger Grimes play for in the NFL?

Eagles, and Cowboys

Who is the fastest player in the NFL of 2011?

desean jackson #10 for the philadelphia eagles

What NFL team does Will Murphy play for?

Will Murphy plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Who did the Cleveland Browns play in their first NFL game?

Philadelphia Eagles

What college did NFL player Nick Foles play for?

Nick Foles plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Which nfl team did reggie white play for before signing with the packers?

The Eagles

Which NFL teams play in Pennsylvania?

The Philadelphia Eagles and thr Pittsburgh Steelers

What NFL team did Markus Thomas play for?

Philadelphia Eagles 1993-1994

What NFL teams did Randell Cunningham play for?

Eagles, Vikings, Cowboys & Ravens

Where is it possible to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play?

It is possible to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play via the official NFL website. Such websites as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion may also provide the ability of watching NFL games.