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Q: Who do the Ohio State Buckeyes play in their next three home games?
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What state is the the Ohio state buckeyes stadium in?

The Ohio State Buckeyes stadium is in Columbus, Ohio

How many football games have the Ohio State buckeyes won?

how many regular season games has Ohio state won

How many times have the Ohio State Buckeyes been to a bowl game?

The Ohio State Buckeyes have played in 40 bowl games as of the beginning of the 2009 season.

Who has won more games the Texas Longhorns or the Ohio State Buckeyes?

The Texas Longhorns have more wins with 842 compared to the Ohio State Buckeyes 817.

When was Ohio State Buckeyes football created?

Ohio State Buckeyes football was created in 1890.

Is Ohio a buckeyes state?

Ohio is a Buckeye state.

What is the nickname for the Ohio state buckeyes student section at Basketball games?


City of the Ohio state buckeyes stadium in?

The Ohio State Buckeyes football team plays in Ohio Stadium located in Columbus, Ohio.

Who leads in head to head games between the Ohio State Buckeyes and The Miami Hurricanes?

Ohio State leads, 2 to 1 .

Is there a Ohio State team?

The "Buckeyes".

What college is the buckeyes?

Ohio state

When were the Ohio State Buckeyes started?

The Buckeyes first football game was played in 1890 against Ohio Wesleyan. The Buckeyes won 20-14.