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The 49ers will play their division rivals (Seattle, St. Louis, Arizona) twice.

They will play the NFC South (Carolina, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tampa Bay)

They will play the AFC South (Indianapolis, Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville)

They will play the NFC East and NFC North teams that match the Niners finishing position in their division - i.e. if the Niners win the NFC West they play the NFC East and NFC North division champs.

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Q: Who do the 49ers play next year?
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When will broncos play 49ers?

they will next year in London.

Who wont be returning next season to play for the sf 49ers?

Kyle Williams

What division do the niners play next year?

The 49ers will face play all teams in their division twice, plus all the teams from one NFC division and an AFC division.

What year did Deion Sanders play for the San Francisco 49ers?


What year did dallas cowboys play sf 49ers?

2011 and we won

What year did Deion Sanders play for the 49ers?

That was 1994. Sanders was a member of the 49ers team that won Super Bowl XXIX.

Is there any way to know when 49ers next play in Cleveland?

Look at the Browns Schedule when it is released.

Who does Colin Kaepernick play for?

the san fransisco 49ers

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When does Manchester United next play Bayern Munich?

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What team will the Seattle Seahawks play next?

They play the Tennessee Titans in the first preseason game and then host the San Francisco 49ers in the first regular season game.

What is the best NFL team this year?

It could be the kansas city chiefs or the san francisco 49ers because they will play the super bowl this year.

Where do the San Francisco 49ers play?

The San Francisco 49ers used to play at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. They have now demolished that stadium and built Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. This will be their second year playing in this new stadium

What year was the last year the 49ers were in the playoffs?


What year did the 49ers get popular?


What team will Michael crabtree play for?


Do the 49ers play dallas in the 2010 schedule?


What city do the 49ers play for?

San Francisco

What year Steve young drafted to 49ers?

He was drafted by the Buccaneers, traded to the 49ers in 1987.

What year did the Bengals play in Super Bowl?

January 22 , 1989 they lost Superbowl 23 to the 49ers 20 to 16.

What position did Terrel Owens play with the 49ers?

Terell Owens played wide receiver for San Fransisco his rookie year.

Is Michael crabtree playing NFL football?

Crabtree was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers with the 10th overall pick however has not signed with the team yet. He is threatening to sit out the year and re-enter the draft next year. If he does decide to sit out he will not be able to play football either in the NFL or NCAA next year and will most likely be drafted much lower than he was this year.

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What year did Montana leave the 49ers?

The 49ers traded Joe Montana to the Chiefs in April, 1993.

What year did the 49ers enter the NFL?