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I did

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Q: Who discover football?
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Where was soccer discover?

The British invented modern football in 1906, according to FIFA.

What are the major conflicts in the story deep zone by Tim green?

Two rival football players discover there is more at stake than just a football game.

When were the Dallas cowboys first discover?

The Dallas Cowboys joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960.

What did john white the explorer discover?

swagg swagg he was the badest of the bad he could out smart a football player and cris cross a snake

Who was the first person to discover football?

No one "discovered" American football. It actually developed in the 1800s out of the sport of Rugby. Finally, a man named Walter Camp made rule changes that made the game truly unique from Rugby. He is known as the "Father of American Football".

Where can one find a list of high school football rankings in the USA?

High School football rankings within the USA are to be found on the MaxPreps website. It is possible to enter the name of any school to discover the ranking and the team movements.

What is the longest fumble return in college football history?

99 yards: WEST VIRGINIA vs Clemson in 2011-2012 Discover Orange Bowl

How do you spell discover?


What was discover in 1848?

Gold was discovered in America's west in 1848, causing the Gold Rush from 1848 to 1855. That is why San Fransisco, CA's football team is called the 49ers.

Discover of surahi?

Discover of surahi

What is Noun form of discover?


Is discover an adjective?

No, discover is a verb.

When did zheng discover?

when did zheng he discover

What is the prefix of discover?


What did John Locke discover and how did he discover it?

He did not discover anything. He is considered the father of classic liberalism.

How did the Minnesota Vikings team get there name?

It was named this because of Minnesota's high Scandinavian population, and they would be first to discover Minnesotan football like the real Vikings discovered America.

When was music discover?

music was discover in the 20

What did Humphrey Gilbert discover?

he discover nichole

What did William Prout discover?

he discover xray

Did Francisco Pizarro discover what he set out to discover?


What part of speech is discover?

"Discover" is a verb.

Who discover the baking?

The person who discover the baking

What is the Hebrew word for discover?

to discover = gila

Is discover a noun?

No, the word discover is a verb: discover, discovers, discovering, discovered. The noun forms for the verb to discover are discoverer, discovery, and the gerund, discovering.

Can you use the word discover in a sentence?

How can you discover the way to a city? When she looks down she will discover that she is standing on a ten dollar bill. He wants to discover a new element.