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no one they were not in the tournament.

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Q: Who did uconn beat in 1989 ncaa tournament?
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Who won the NCAA tournament 2010-2011?


Final four 2009 women's NCAA tournament?

louisville, oklahoma, stanford, uconn.

What is the lowest score in NCAA tournament finals history?

53 uconn 41 butler

Who won the NCAA national championship in 2004?

Uconn beat Georgia Tech

What was Michigan seeded when they won the NCAA basketball tournament?

Michigan was a #3 seed when they won the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in 1989.

Who is going to win the 2009 ncaa championship?

uconn uconn

Who is the last team Kentucky beat in the ncaa tournament?


Who did Hampton beat in 2001 NCAA tournament?

Iowa State

Has Michigan men's basketball won the NCAA tournament?

Yes in 1989.

Who did the gophers beat to get into the NCAA tournament in 2010?

about 18 or 20 teams.

What is the Elite 8 in the NCAA?

It is the final 8 teams remaining in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. different person The teams that will probebly be in it (predicted) are: Kentucky UNC Arizona UConn Kansas VCU Butler Florida

Who beat UCLA in 1996 ncaa tournament?

Princeton beat UCLA, 43-41 in the first round.