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The New England Patriots lost to the New York Jets on Sept 19th with a score of 28 to 14. Then the Patriots lost to Cleveland 34 to 14 on November 7th. Those are the only 2 games they lost during regular season in 2010-2011.

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Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and the NY Giants twice.

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bills, steelers and giants

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Q: Who did the patriots lose to in 2011?
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Who did Indianapolis Lose the 2011 Super Bowl bid to?

to the new England patriots

Which teams did the New England Patriots lose to in 2011?

The Patriots lost to the Buffalo Bills (34-31), the Pittsburgh Steelers (25-17), and the New York Giants (24-20).

Why did the Patriots lose bunker Hill to the British?

The Patriots lose Bunker Hill to the British because the Patriots ran out of ammunition. Peace out home brotha!

How many games did the New England Patriots win in 2011?

In 2011, the New England Patriots had a 13-3 record.

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Port Huron Patriots was created in 2011.

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What year did the Patriots last lose to the Lions?


How many times did the patriots lose thesuper bowl?

The Patriots Super Bowl record is 3-3

What is the patriots win-lose record in 2010?

14 win 2 lose 14-2

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In the 2008 season the patriots lost to the dolphins,chargers,colts,jets,steelers and patriots went 11-5 in that season

What battle did the patriots lose when they ran out of ammo?

Bunker Hill.