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Q: Who did the packers get for trading favre?
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When did Brett Favre leave the Green Bay Packers?

Brett Favre left the Packers at the end of the 2007 season.

Who was the quarterback for the Green Bay packers in 1995?

Brett Favre

Who wore the number 4 for the Green Bay Packers?

Brett Favre

Who was the quarterback in 1997 for the packers?

Brett Favre

How many times did the Bears lose to the Packers when Brett Favre was the quarterback of the Packers?


Did the Minnesota Vikings get Bret Favre. Why did the Packers trade a good player How much did they trade him for?

The Packers have not traded Favre yet. They are shopping him around. It's highly doubtful he will be traded to the Vikings because they are in the Packers division.

Which packers jersey does Brett Favre use?

He no longer plays for the Packers. But he played in the #4 Jersey

Are the packers good without Brett Favre?

They have dropped off. Their new quarterback is going through "growing pains" and the defense can't stop the run. With the concept of winning now (and dumping a huge icon of your franchise) Ted Thompson is an idiot for trading Favre.

Who did the Packers beat in Brett Favre's first playoff victory?

The Detroit Lions, 28-24, on January 8, 1994 in Favre's second season with the Packers.

What the football team is Brett favre the starting quarterback?

Green Bay Packers

Who was the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers in 1996?

Bret Favre

Who is the best packers player of all time?

Brett favre