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Q: Who did the giants beat last year?
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How many times did the giants beat the eagles last year?

the new york giants have 5 times

When was the last time the giants beat the eagles?

The last the the giants beat the Eagles as of today was: November 9th, 2008 Week 10. The Giants were visiting the Eagles and they beat the Eagles 36 to 31

When was the last time the eagles beat the giants?

the eagles, sadly, beat the giants on week 11, november 20, 2011.

What year did the giants beat the patriots?


When was the Last year anahiem angels won the World Series?

The Anaheim Angels last won the World Series in 2002 when they beat the SF Giants 4 games to 3.

Who did the giants beat in last years Super Bowl?

They beat the New England Patriots 17-14.

When was the last ime the titans beat the giants?

2010 season at NY.

Are you happy about the Giants?

Yes and no. I'm a Yankee fan, so I was wanting them to be in the World Series like last year. But, since they lost to the Rangers, I was rooting for the Phillies. Since the Giants beat them, I'm for the Giants- but only because I think the Strike Out King is hot.

Who won the last Super Bowl with the patriots and the giants?

The NY Giants beat the New England Patriots the last time they met in the Super Bowl a few years ago.

When was the last time the Giants played the Colts?

the giants played the colts this year in the preseason

When was last time the redskins beat the giants twice in one season?

the 2011 season

What year was XLVI Super Bowl played?

2012 that is the year the giants beat the patriots 21-17

What year did the ny giants beat the patriot at the super bowl?

2007 and 2011.

What was the last year the 49er's made the playoffs?

2002. They rallied from down 38-14 to beat the NY Giants in the Wildcard round but were routed 31-6 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What year did the Denver Broncos beat the New York Giants in the super bowl?


What year did the New York Giants beat the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl?


Which team won last year?

New York Giants

What was the last year the Giants won a super bowl?


Did the New York Giants beat the Cincinnati Bengals last season?

Yes,26-23 in OT

When was the last time the New York Giants beat the Philadelphia Eagles twice in the same season?


What year did dodgers and giants leave new york?

The Dodgers and Giants last season in New York was 1957.

Who won the super bowl giants or patriots?

In super bowl 42, the giants beat the undefeated patriots 17-14. But that will change this year in XLVI.

The eagles beat the giants the last nine times.?

The last time the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the New York Giants was on November 9, 2008. The Giants won 36-31 in a game played in Philadelphia. Since then, the Eagles have beaten the Giants six consecutive times, including a playoff win in January 2009.

What year did the Cowboys not win the super bowl?

Last year the New York Giants won.

Who won the series last year in baseball?

San Francisco Giants