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Q: Who did the canucks play in their first nhl game back in 1970?
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Who was the first team that the Vancouver Canucks played in the NHL?

During the regular season, the first game the Canucks played was on October 9th, 1970 against the Los Angeles kings. The Kings won 3-1 Additional Info : Vancouver's first professional team, the Vancouver Millionaires, played for the Stanley Cup five times, winning the trophy in 1915

What was the year that the Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time?

1994 Vancouver Canucks, they played the New York Rangers and lost in a game seven.

Did the bruins win game 7?

Canucks!!! Go Canucks go!!!

Who scored the first goal this playoff season of the Vancover canucks?

In Game 1 of the 2011 Western Conference Quarterfinals series against the Chicago Blackhawks, Chris Higgins scored the first goal of the playoffs for the Canucks. His goal was the game winner in a 2-0 victory.

Does the Canucks Live app include Vancouver hockey?

The Canucks live app let's you listen to the game

What channel is the Canucks game on?

Usually on CTV

The Canucks have 153 goals in the second period of the game Canucks vs Calgary 2010-2011?

They could never of scored that many goals in one game.

Will the blackhawks win the 2011 Stanley cup?

No, they were eliminated by the Vancouver Canucks in the first round, in game 7, 5:22 in overtime.

what was the first night game played?


Are Vancouver Canucks tickets available to purchase online?

You can purchase tickets to a Vancouver Canucks hockey game by visiting You could also visit or for tickets.

What is the most goals the canucks have scored in a single game?

The Canucks are an NHL franchise. They never played in the WHL which is a Major Junior league (part of the CHL).

Who was the Canucks goalie that Joel Otto scored on in 89 Game 7?

Kirk McLean