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1998-1999 Stanley Cup Playoffs... they played the Dallas Stars and lost. GO STARS!!!

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Q: Who did the Sabres play when they were in the Stanley Cup finals?
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In 1975 who did the buffalo Sabres play in Stanley cup finals?

The Philadelphia Flyers

When did the Sabres enter the Stanley Cup for the first time?

The Sabres played in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 1975, where they lost to Philadelphia in 6 games. They also lost a Finals series to the Dallas Stars in 1999.

Did buffulo Sabres won a championship?

No, the Sabres have never won an NHL championship. They have gone to the Stanley Cup finals twice

Which team lost to the Dallas Stars in the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals?

The Buffalo Sabres lost the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals to the Dallas Stars, 4 games to 2.

Did the Buffalo Sabres make the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals?

No, the Buffalo Sabres were eliminated in the first round by the Boston Bruins in 6 games.

How many Stanley Cup finals have the Buffalo Sabres been in?

2. The Buffalo Sabres have been to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1975 and 1999, and lost in both years.1975 - Lost to the Philadelphia Flyers in 6 games.1999 - Lost to the Dallas Stars in 6 games.

Which teams played in the 1999 Stanley cup finals?

The Dallas Stars defeated the Buffalo Sabres in 6 games.

When did the Buffalo Sabres win the Stanley Cup?

The Buffalo Sabres have never won the Stanley Cup. They went to the Stanley Cup finals twice. The first time was in 1975 against the Philadelphia Flyers, where they lost in 6 games. The second in 1999 was another loss in 6 to the Dallas Stars.

How many rounds in the Stanley cup?

There are quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals for each conference and then the two conference champions play each other in the Stanley Cup Finals.

How many times have the Buffalo Sabres appeared in the Stanley Cup finals?

Twice: 1975 and 1999, losing both times

When did Detroit play Carolina in the Stanley Cup finals?


Will the Sabres ever win the Stanley cup?


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