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Baltimore Colts

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Q: Who did the NFL originally ask to be America's team?
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Ask How many players are allowed on an NFL super bowl team?

The Super Bowl roster is 53 men strong for each team.

How can you get a invite to a NFL team without going to collage?

Sometimes, an nfl team iz doing so poorly that they have open tryouts. If you show them somethinv that they lime, then they can ask you to join. Look at the movie invincible. It is a perfect example of this.

Where can you find the city and state list of where the NFL teams are from?

or ask for each team individuallly

Can a school use an NFL team logo on their football field?

Not unless you get express permission from that team. They will sue you if you don't get permission and they find out. You most likely won't get permission even if you ask.

What degree do you need to make it to the NFL?

I believe you need to have a bachelors degree. Sometimes if you are super good they will come to you and ask if you will be on the team .( This has happened to my cousin ).

How do you get a COA for a NFL team autographed football won in a raffle?

how to get a coaGo back to the vender and ask for the COA. that would e the most likely and cheapest way.

When I ask which team has the longest current winning streak in the nfl why do I continue getting an incorrect answer?

i have no idea but the answer is 21 games by the new England patriots from 2003-2004

What are some good Super Bowl questions to ask on a Super Bowl quiz?

How many former Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterbacks have gone on to win a superbowl with another NFL team?

Who is the nicest NFL player ever?

It depends on who you ask.

In Starcraft how do you team with someone?

you ask them to be on your team

What happens if a nfl player does not get picked up by another team?

He is an undrafted free agent, and can ask any team for a tryout.

What was the impact of European exploration on the Americas land and its people?

I dont know,I have to ask my teacher! :)