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In the 2015 regular season, the New England Patriots lost to the following teams:

Denver Broncos (ot)

Philadelphia Eagles

New York Jets (ot)

Miami Dolphins

In the Playoffs, the Patriots lost to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game.

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The New England Patriots lost to the New York Jets on Sept 19th with a score of 28 to 14. Then the Patriots lost to Cleveland 34 to 14 on November 7th. Those are the only 2 games they lost during regular season in 2010-2011.

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it was the jets and the browns

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Q: Who did the NE Patriots lose to this season?
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They currently have 6 wins and 2 losses

Which NFL teams did the Patriots lose to?

In the 2008 season the patriots lost to the dolphins,chargers,colts,jets,steelers and patriots went 11-5 in that season

How many points did the NE Patriots score during the 2008 season?

The 2008 New England Patriots scored 410 points.

Who did the cowboys lose to in 2007?

The Cowboys lost to the Patriots, Eagles, and Redskins in the regular season and to the Giants in the playoffs.

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Ne patriots

Did the Oakland Raiders play the NE patriots in the 2001 playoffs?

If you mean the 2000 and 2001 season, then the Baltimore Ravens, and the New York Giants, and the ravens won, and if you mean 2001 and 2002 season, then the Rams and the Patriots and the Patriots won.

What was the Win Lose record for the patriots 2001 season?

The 2001 New England Patriots went 11-5 in the regular season. They went on and won three playoff games, including Super Bowl XXXIV.

Who went to the super bowl the most times NE Patriots or Ny Giants?

The NE Patriots have won more than the Giants.

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Where is Gronk tonight NE Patriots player 87?

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was held out of the 4th preseason game played 9/1/2016 so he could remain healthy for the regular season.

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The Patriots won just twice in 1992.