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Q: Who did the Miami hurricanes beat in the national championships?
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Will Georgia bulldogs beat Miami hurricanes?

Georgia would get demolished by the Miami hurricanes. GO CANES

How many football championship games have the Texas longhorns won?

4 national titles but the Miami hurricanes have them beat with 5 national titles.

Which five teams have the most Division 1 football championships?

The Ohio State University has 7 national championships. When they beat the University of Miami in 2002 that gave them their seventh championship since 1952.

How many ncaa football championships has penn state won?

Penn State has two official national chamionships. 1982, when they beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, and in 1986, when they beat Miami(Fl) in the Fiesta Bowl.

Who did Alabama beat in 1992 for national championship?


Who did Ohio beat in 2002 national game?

Miami University

Who did Alabama beat in 92 national championship?

The University of Miami

When is the last time Boston College beat Miami in football at home?

The last time BC won at home against the Hurricanes was the 2007 season. The last time BC won in Miami against the Hurricanes was 1984.

Who did Alabama beat for the national champioinship in 1992?

University of Florida at Miami

How many national championships does Alabama have in football?

As of 2011, Alabama has 14 national championships. Recently they just beat LSU 21-0, which means they obviously get the title. They beat everyone they played except LSU the first time, but since they beat them so badly, they get all the awards.

What was 1ST Miami football game?

The Miami Hurricanes played their first game on October 23, 1926 with an all freshman squad. They beat Rollins College 7-0.

Who played in the 1993 sugar bowl?

Alabama beat Miami in a national championship game.

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