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Q: Who did the Edmonton Oilers play in the first regular season outdoor hockey game?
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When did the Edmonton Oilers join the nhl?

The Edmonton Oilers first joined the National Hockey League (NHL) In 1979

When did Edmonton Oilers join the NHL?

The Edmonton Oilers first joined the National Hockey League (NHL) In 1979

What is Alberta's Hockey team?

The Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames

Who is alberta's national hockey team?

The Edmonton oilers or the Calgary flames

What hockey players have number 4?

Taylor Hall. Edmonton Oilers.

What hockey team won the Stanley cup in 1987?

the Edmonton Oilers

Who wears number 12 in hockey?

#12 Robert Nilsson - Edmonton Oilers

Why are the Oilers named the Oilers?

Because that was the name chosen to represent the NHL hockey team in Edmonton. It is really associated with the oil and gas industry that makes Edmonton the city it is.

How is Ethan moreau?

dauhhhhhhhhhh he plays hockey on the Edmonton oilers #18 again dauhhhhhhhhhhh

Which NHL Hockey Player is considered The Great One?

Wayne Gretzky from the Edmonton Oilers

What were Alexander ovechkin's dreams?

To became a professional hockey player and play with the Edmonton Oilers

Which famous ice hockey player wears the number 89?

SAm Gagner of the Edmonton OIlers

Why does the province of Edmonton play hockey?

First of All Edmonton is not a province, it is a city. And why do they play, the Edmonton Oilers play for the same reason any other NHL team plays. Hockey is a sport and it is entertaining to watch.

How many hockey players in Edmonton area?

Not sure really what you are asking. There are many minor hockey leagues in Edmonton along with junior and senior leagues. Of course there is the Oilers and their WHL team but really it is impossible to tell how many hockey players there are in Edmonton.

Names of Edmonton hockey players?

I suggest you go to the Oilers' website or that of the Hockey News or the NHL and get up-to-date roster information.

What arena do the Edmonton Oilers play hockey?

The Edmonton Oilers have home team ice at Rexall Place (formerly The Northlands Coliseum) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It first opened on November 10, 1974 and and is one of the oldest arenas in the NHL.

Why is Edmonton's hockey team called The Oilers?

because Alberta is home of oil country, they drill for oil there.

Why is Edmonton known because of the hockey team the oilers?

there is a lot of oil in Alberta, SO THAT IS WHY THE NAME WAS CHOSEN.

What sport teams start with E?

Edmonton Eskimos is a football team in the Canadian Football League. The Edmonton Oilers is a team in the National Hockey League.

Where can you find the schedule for the Edmonton Oilers?

The Edmunton Oilers are an Ice Hockey team based in Edmunton, Alberta, Canada. A schedule of their fixtures can be found at ESPN, Sports Illustrated and on the Oilers official website.

Who was the last player who did not wear a helmet to score an NHL goal?

Craig MacTavish was the last NHL player to play without a helmet. He played for the Edmonton Oilers during many of the Gretzky years. He also played for the New York Rangers. He spent about 7 seasons as the Edmonton Oilers head coach. He now is a regular on TV as a hockey analist mainly for NHL and International hockey.

What was the name of the Edmonton Oilers before they became an expansion team in the NHL?

Actually they were one of 12 teams to start in the World Hockey Association in 1972 as the Alberta Oilers. In 1973 they changed to Edmonton. The moved to the NHL in 1979.

Who has scored the most points in one hockey playoff series?

47pts by Wayne Gretzky on the Edmonton Oilers in 1985.

Which hockey player scored on his own net during the 1986 Stanley Cup playoffs?

Steve Smith, then of the Edmonton Oilers.

What is the value of a hockey stick autographed by the 1985 Edmonton Oilers?

mine sold for $1450 at auction 2 years ago.