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Rodney Stuckey

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Q: Who did the Detroit Pistons draft with the 15th pick in the 2007 NBA draft?
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Who was the first round pick that Detroit got as part of the darko trade with Orlando?

In February, 2006 the Pistons sent Darko Milicic and Carlos Arroyo to the Magic for Kelvin Cato and a 1st round choice. With that choice (the 15th overall in the 2007 draft) the Pistons selected G Rodney Stuckey from Eastern Washington.

What is the average home game attendance for the Detroit Pistons?

The average home game attendance for the Detroit Pistons during the 2007-2008 season was 22,076 (highest in the league).

What year was Detroit founded?

The Detroit Pistons are a franchise of the National Basketball Association and they were founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the year 1941. The Pistons moved to Detroit in the year 1957.

What teams did the spurs beat in the NBA championships?

1999(NY Knicks), 2003(New Jersey Nets), 2005(Detroit Pistons), 2007( Cleveland Cavaliers)

What year did grant get drafted to Phoenix Suns?

Grant Hill was drafted to the Detroit Pistons in 1994. Later, he was signed by the Phoenix Suns as a free agent in 2007.

How many championships do he Detroit pistons have?

The Detroit Pistons have 3 NBA Championships (1989, 1990, 2004). They also have 5 Eastern Conference Championships (1988, 1989, 1990, 2004, 2005) and 11 Central Division titles (1955, 1956, 1988, 1989, 1990, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008).

How many first round draft picks did the wings have from 1999 to 2007?

The Detroit Red Wings had 3 first round draft picks from 1999 to 2007: 2000 - Niklas Kronwall, 29th overall 2005 - Jakub Kindl, 19th overall 2007 - Brendan Smith, 27th overall

Who was the first pick in the 2007 NFL draft?

2005 Alex Smith QB Utah San Francisco 49ers

What day of the week is 15th May 2007?

May, 15th, 2007, was a Tuesday.

Who have the spurs beat?

The Spurs beated the New York Knicks, the New Jersey Nets, the Detroit Pistons, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What NBA team averages the most fans at each game?

For the 2007-08 regular season, that was the Detroit Pistons at 22,076 fans per home game. The Chicago Bulls were second at 21,987.

What are the ratings and certificates for Draft - 2007?

Draft - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Portugal:M/6