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Q: Who did the Cowboys lose to in the 2007 Playoff Game?
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When did Greg Landry the quarterback for Detroit Lions lose playoff game football?

december 1970 vs dallas cowboys, final score 5-0

Why did the Broncos lose the playoff game?

Ravens won.

Who did Dallas Cowboys lose to in 1996 playoffs?

The Cowboys lost in the divisional playoff round to the Carolina Panthers, 26-17, on January 5, 1997.

How many games can the dallas cowboys lose to be out of the playoffs?

That depends on how many games the other playoff contenders have won.

When was the last time the Arizona Cardinals won a playoff game?

in 1999 in the 1st round against the dallas cowboys in dallas they went on to lose in the 2nd round to the minnesota vikings in minnesota

Who did the cowboys lose to in 2007?

The Cowboys lost to the Patriots, Eagles, and Redskins in the regular season and to the Giants in the playoffs.

What is the worst lose in NBA playoff game?

Atlanta lost to Orlando by 43.

Did the Dallas Cowboys lose against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2007?


Did Michael Jordan ever lose the opening game of the opening round playoff series?


Did Michael Jordan lose a playoff game 1 at home?

Yes he lost 2. '90 and '92 i believe.

When was the last time Washington Redskins won a playoff game before 2007?

The last time the Washington Redskins won a playoff game was after the 2005 season, during which they went 10-6 and qualified for the playoffs as a wild card team. They won the wild card playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-10. The Redskins went on to lose in the divisional playoffs the next week to the Seattle Seahawks by the score of 20-10.

Who were the Cowboys playing on that snowy Thanksgiving Day game in 1993 when Leon Lett us lose?

Miami Dolphins

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