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Cleveland didnt have any picks in the 2007 draft.

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Q: Who did the Cleveland cavaliers get for this year's draft picks?
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Who is the Cleveland Cavaliers all time leading scorer?

The Cleveland Cavaliers all time leading scorer is, LeBron James, with 15,251 points, scored over his 7 years in Cleveland.

How long did Zydrunas Ilgauskas play for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Žydrūnas Ilgauskas played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for fourteen years, 1996-2010, before signing with the Miami Heat in 2010.

When did the Cleveland Cavaliers join the NBA?

The Cleveland Cavaliers actually joined the NBA as an expansion team in the year 1970. In just 6 years they made won the NBA Central Division title for the first time.

How long of a contract did Zydrunas Ilgauskas sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers on August 2 2005?

5 Years

How many 1st round draft picks have the Toronto maple Leafs had in 7 years?

the answer is three

In what city do the NBA team Cavaliers play?

Quicken Loans Arena, also known as Gund Arena.

What big ten college has the most 1st round NFL draft picks in the last five years?


How many picks will the Cleveland Browns have in the 2010 draft?

43 They do not have 43 picks haha.... They will have: 1st round; 6 or 7th overall pick 2nd round; 6 (38) 2nd round; 27 (59 from dallas thru philly) 3th round; 21 (85 from new England thru Oakland) 3rd round; 28 (92 from jets) 5th round; 29 (160 from jets) 6th round; 8 (177) 6th round; 17 (186 from Carolina) Go Brownies

Average age of the Cleveland Cavaliers fans?

It can range pretty much any age but probably most range 8 years old to 65 years old I do not know to be sure sorry for the incovience

What were all the teams that LeBron James was on?

Lebron has played in cleveland for 7 years and in 2010 he moved to Miami Heat and is still play as of now for miami

What is the NFL entry draft age eligibility?

At least 3 yrs of college and a lot of body conditioning and training so nfl draft picks are usually between 21 and 25, so there is not a lot of 20 yr old picks, but a lot of 22 and 23 yr old picks though and a 19 yr old pick is very rare so.....

What is the best cities for basketball?

There is no doubt per capita it is Indianapolis, IN. In just the last three years, players such as Eric Gordon, Greg Oden, Mike Conely, George Hill, Courtney Lee, and Jeff Teague have been 1st round picks (Gordon, Oden and Conely lottery picks) in the NBA draft. Six players drafted in the first round from a city of barely 1.5 million in a span of 3 years is hard to beat. Several more such as Gordon Hayward and Marcus Teague will be NBA draft picks in the near future.