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Brian Rolston, Martin Grenier, Samuel Påhlssonn and a first round draft pick from Colorado.

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Q: Who did the Boston bruins get for Ray Bourque?
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Who has worn number 77?

Ray Bourque of the Boston Bruins

Did Ray Bourque speak English before he was drafted by the Bruins?

I stand to be corrected, but I understand that Bourque was perfectly bilingual when he was drafted.

What 3 numbers did Ray Bourque wear as a Bruin?

Bourque himself says on the "History of the Boston Bruins" DVD that he wore #29 all throughout camp and the preseason and that #7 was hanging in his locker opening night. Leading one to believe that he only wore #7 and #77 throughout his career with the Bruins and Avalanche.AnswerRay Bourque wore the numbers 7 and 77. I don't believe that he ever wore another number other than those two. AnswerIt was 14...Number 7 was worm by a veteran of the AHL's Bruins development franchise. When he was cut at the end of the camp, Bourque took his number 7.

Ray bourque game worn jersey value?

ray bourque jersey value

Most shots taken in a hockey game by one player?

ray bourque -19,boston vs quebec

Where is the Boston Bruins?

The Boston Bruins are located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Does ray bourque have a son?

Yes Ray Bourque has a son. His name Is Chris Bourque and he is an AHL hockey player. He also has a younger son named Ryan, I think.

When was Ray Bourque born?

Rene Bourque was born in Lac La Biche, Alberta on 12-10-81.

When was Boston Bruins created?

Boston Bruins was created in 1924.

What country is ray bourque from?


How old is Ray Bourque?

Former NHL defenseman Ray Bourque is 57 years old (birthdate December 28, 1960).

Who does Zdeno Chara play for?

Zdeno Chara is the captain of the Boston Bruins.