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The Atlanta Falcons first game was against the then Los Angeles Rams, the Falcons lost 14-19.

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Q: Who did the Atlanta falcons play in there first game?
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Who did the Atlanta Falcons play for their first NFL game?

The Atlanta Falcons played against the Los Angeles Rams for their first NFL game Sept. 11, 1966, they lost 14-19.

When did the Carolina Panthers play their first professional game?

The Carolina Panthers played their first regular season game on September 3, 1995 in Atlanta against the Falcons. The Falcons won in overtime 23-20.

What position did Brett Favre play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Brett Favre played quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. His very first pass for the Falcons was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

What year did the Atlanta Falcons first play in the NFL?

The Falcons first season in the NFL was 1966.

In their 1000th game in franchise history who did Chicago play and what was the score?

Atlanta Falcons with a winning score of 6 - 0 Atlanta Falcons with a winning score of 6 - 0

What team did David Beckham first play pro for?

the atlanta falcons

Was the Atlanta Braves the first sports team to play in Atlanta?

The Braves were the first major professional team to play in Atlanta. The Braves began play in the 1966 season. The Falcons began play in Atlanta also in 1966 and the Hawks in 1968.

What Team did Packers QB Brett Favre first play for?

The Atlanta Falcons

What team did Brett favre first play for in the NFL?

The Atlanta Falcons, in 1991.

Where and when do the Atlanta Falcons play?

Most Falcons games take place on Sunday @ 1:00 East Coast Time. If it is ever a home game in Atlanta, it is always played in the Georgia Dome.

When do the Pittsburgh Steelers play their first game of 2010?

The Steelers first regular season game of 2010 is on September 12th. It is against the Atlanta Falcons at Heinz Field.

What time do the Atlanta Falcons play today?

1:00 Pm

What city do the Atlanta Falcons play in?

In Atlanta, Georgia.

What state does Atlanta Falcons play for?

Atlanta, Ga

What team did the Atlanta Falcons play when they first came to the NFL?

The Atlanta Falcon's first game in history was held in Atlanta on September 11, 1966 against the Los Angeles Rams. They lost the game 19-14. The Falcons would not win their first game until the 11th week of that season against the New York Giants ending with a record of 3-11. That year in the divsion, they finished next to last just in front of the 1-12-1 New York Giants.

Who did Brett Favre play in his first NFL game?

In his rookie year with the Atlanta Falcons, Brett Favres' 1st NFL game was October 27, 1991 vs. Los Angeles Rams

How long did Tim Green play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Tim Green played for the Atlanta Falcons from 1986-1993.

If Atlanta Falcons win versus Arizona who do they play next?

That would depend on who wins the other wild card playoff game between Minnesota and Philadelphia. If Minnesota won, the Falcons would play the Giants. If Philadelphia won, the Falcons would play Carolina.

Where does the Atlanta Georgia football team play at?

The Atlanta Falcons play at the Georgia Dome, located in downtown Atlanta.

What city and state do the Atlanta Falcons play at?

Downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Who do the Green Bay Packers play this weekend and where?

Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta

What stadium did the Atlanta Falcons play in?

They play in the Georgia Dome.

What year in the 70's did Miami Dolphins play Atlanta Falcons at the Orange Bowl for playoffs?

They played the Falcons at the Orange Bowl in 1974 - it was not a playoff game - the Falcons were and are in a different conference in the NFL. The Dolphins won the game 42-7.

Where do the Atlanta Falcons play?

The Georgia Dome

What state do the Atlanta Falcons play in?