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Q: Who did roman reigns face at wrestle mania 2014?
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When was Roman Reigns married?

Roman Reigns married in December of 2014.

Is roman reigns engaged?

There was rumor that Roman Reigns was engaged but as of May 2014 there is no data that proves this is anything more than a rumor.

What is roman reigns wife name?

Galina Becker (m. 2014)

Will Undertaker vs Sting at WredtleMaina 31 Will ever Happen?

As of October 2014, there is not mention of Undertaker vs Sting being held at Wrestle Mania 31. Although many fans are hoping it will.

What are the release dates for Lore-o-Mania - 2014?

Lore-o-Mania - 2014 was released on: USA: 1 January 2014 (Los Angeles, California)

Who won the fatal 4 way 2014 WWE battleground?

John Cena defeated Kane, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns to retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Who broke the undertakers wrestlemania streak?

People think it's Kevin Nash, but legitametly it was William Regal. I have no clue whether he was under the persona of William Regal at that time, though IT WAS THE SAME GUY!!

Will undertaker be back to wrestle in 2014?

The Undertaker will face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2015.

What are the release dates for Roman and Frankie - 2014?

Roman and Frankie - 2014 was released on: USA: 8 January 2014

What actors and actresses appeared in Life Maybe - 2014?

The cast of Life Maybe - 2014 includes: Mania Akbari as herself Mark Cousins as himself

What is MMX1V in Roman numerals?


What are the release dates for Steven Universe - 2013 Arcade Mania Giant Woman 1-6?

Steven Universe - 2013 Arcade Mania Giant Woman 1-6 was released on: USA: February 2014