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In the last rocky balboa film he fought the middleweight undefeated champion Floyed Mayweather.

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Q: Who did rocky Balboa fight in the last rocky?
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What was rocky balboa's weight and height in the last rocky movie?

The last Rocky movie was Balboa. Rocky Balboa's weight and height in the movie was 195 pounds and his height was 5ft and 9in.

What is Rocky's last name?

Rocky's last name is Balboa.

Does rocky Balboa fight still?


Where did Rocky balboa fight Creed in the movie Rocky?


Is the fight of rocky Balboa true?

Rocky Balboa is a fictional character. He never existed in the real world.

Did Rocky Balboa win in Rocky 6?

No- Rocky lost and did not even care as he was just glad that he even got the chance to fight just one last time.

What is the name of the last Rocky movie?

The last Rocky movie was "Rocky Balboa" which is the sixth film in the series.

Is Rocky Balboa in Fight Night Round 4?


Who would have won in a fight between Muhammad Ali and Rocky Balboa?

Rocky Balboa. It would be a good fight, nice "Cinama".

When was rocky Balboa's first fight?

Rocky's first fight , in the first 'Rocky' film , was with Carl Weathers who played the role of Apollo Creed .

Was there a real boxer by the name of Rocky Balboa?

According to WikiPedia Rocky Balboa is a fictional character. According to a statement by Sylvester Stallone Rocky was born as a result of Stallone having seen the Ali-Wepner fight. See the Wikipedia article on Rocky Balboa.

Who would win in a fight Rocky Balboa or Jackie Chan?

i think rocky would win

What happened to Rocky Balboa's wife in the movie 'Rocky Balboa'?

She had died from cancer a few years before the last movie took place.

Who would win in a fight Dwayne the rock Johnson or rocky balboa?

Rocky isn't real u berk

When was rocky Balboa birthday?

Rocky Balboa was born on July 6, 1945.

How old is Rocky Balboa?

Rocky Balboa is in his 60's

When was Rocky Balboa created?

Rocky Balboa was created in 1976.

Did rocky Balboa win in rocky?

No, Rocky Balboa lost to Apollo Creed in "Rocky." Rocky won the rematch in the sequel, "Rocky 2."

List all the Rocky Balboa movies?

rocky, rocky II, III, IV, V, rocky balboa

Who is rocky Balboa's son?

If you mean who acts as rocky balboa's son, all i know is that in Rocky Balboa, Milo Ventimiglia plays his son!

Who would win in a fight between rocky balboa and Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee.

How many movies were mad of rocky Balboa?

six rocky , rocky I,II,III,IV,V, rocky balboa

Who played rocky balboa?

Sylvester Stallone Played Rocky Balboa In The Rocky Movies.

In Rocky Balboa what was Rocky Balboa's entrance music?

We got high hopes

What was Rocky Balboa's weight and height in Rocky Balboa?

5'11 217 pounds