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Billy Kidman

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Q: Who did rey mysterio defeat for his first wcw cruiserweight championship?
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When did Rey Mysterio win his first championship in the WWE?

Rey Mysterio won his first championship in the WWEon the June 5, 2003 episode of Smackdown, when he defeated Matt Hardy for the Cruiserweight Championship.Note: This was Rey's sixth time as a Cruiserweight Champion, having won five previous times in other organizations.

What championship did Rey mysterio win first?

He won the cruserweight championship first

When is Rey mysterio's first championship?


How many matches did rey mysterio at WrestleMania?

Rey Mysterio has wrestled at seven Wrestlemanias:#1 Wrestlemania XIX vs Matt Hardy for the Cruiserweight Championship (lost), #2 Wrestlemania XX in a Cruiserweight Open for the Cruiserweight Championship (lost to champion, Chavo Guerrero), #3 Wrestlemania 21 vs Eddie Guerrero (won), #4 Wrestlemania 22 vs Kurt Angle and Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship(won, first one), #5 Wrestlemania XXV vs John 'Bradshaw' Layfield for the Intercontiental Championship (won, first one), #6 Wrestlemania XXVI vs CM Punk (won) and #7 Wrestlemania XXVII vs 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes (lost).(As of May, 2011)

Will the WWE bring back the Crusier Weight Championship?

I'm not sure if WWE will bring back the cruiserweight title, but I think they should, because they've got a lot of talented cruiserweight wrestlers, such as Rey Mysterio, Hunico, Sin Cara, Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, Kofi Kingston, Yoshi Tatsu, etc.I don't even understand why WWE removed the title in the first place, it was an excellent title and the matches were so exciting.

Who did hulk hogan defeat for his first WWE championship?

the iron sheik

Who did Muhammad Ali defeat to win his first heavyweight championship?

Sonny Liston

Who won the first WBC Cruiserweight title in boxing?

Marvin Camel and Mate Parlov fought to a draw in the first Cruiserweight championship bout on August 12, 1979, sanctioned by the World Boxing Council. Camel won the rematch to become champion. Since the WBC was the only sanctioning body to recognize a Cruiserweight division at the time, he is considered by some as an undisputed champion.

Who did john cena defeat to win his first WWE championship?

John Bradshaw Layfield

Who did Hulk Hogan Defeat for his very first WWE Championship?

He defeated The Iron Sheik

Who did Steve carr defeat for middleweight championship of new England?

Yes I am his son. But first who did Steve Carr defeat that defeated Joe Louis?

Who did hulk hogan defeat to get his first WWE championship?

The Iron Sheik on December 26, 1983

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