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Junior Dos Santos did not fight at the UFC 140 event. The event was headlined by the fight between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida for the Light Heavyweight championship which Jones Won. There were four other fights in the pay-per-view card but none of them featured Dos Santos.

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Q: Who did junior dos Santos fight at ufc 140?
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Who wins in the fight junior dos Santos vs Shane carwin?

junior dos Santos won

Did frank mir win his last fight?

No. Frank Mir did not win his last fight. His last fight was against Junior Dos Santos at the UFC 146 event. Dos Santos defeated Mir by TKO (Punches) in the second round of the fight. The fight was for the UFC Heavyweight Title that was held by Junior Dos Santos. Mir was unable to beat Santos to win the title.

When was Junior dos Santos born?

Junior dos Santos was born on 1984-09-12.

How tall is Junior Dos Santos?

Junior Dos Santos is 6' 3 1/2".

When was Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Junior born?

Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Junior was born on 1991-09-09.

When was Carlyle Carlos dos Santos Junior born?

Carlyle Carlos dos Santos Junior was born on 1991-09-26.

Who won at ufc 131 between dos Santos and Shane carwin?

Junior Dos Santos.

What are the release dates for Fight of the Night - 2013 Junior Dos Santos vs- Mark Hunt UFC 160 12-5?

Fight of the Night - 2013 Junior Dos Santos vs- Mark Hunt UFC 160 12-5 was released on: USA: May 2013

Who did Junior Dos Santos lose to?

he lost to Joaquim Ferreira

Who was the baddest man in the world?

UFC heavyweight champion junior dos santos

Who won Cain velasques or junior dos Santos on 12-29-12?

Cain velasques

Who will win ufc fight Cain vs jr 2?

The fight between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos was held in the UFC event - UFC 155 that happened on 29th December 2012. The fight was the main event of the night and was for the UFC heavyweight championship Jr. Dos Santos was the champion heading into the fight and Cain Velasquez was the no.1 contender. The fight lasted a full 5 rounds in which Cain Velasquez was declared the winner by "Unanimous Decision"