Who did foreman fight before Ali?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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One of the most recogniseable names who fought Foreman before he took on Ali is Philadelphia's Smokin' Joe, Joe Frazier.

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Q: Who did foreman fight before Ali?
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Where in Africa was the foreman Ali fight?


If ali and Tyson fight who would win?

ali to do what he did to george foreman

How many people watched mohammed ali vs George Foreman?

Approximately one billion people watched the Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman fight called the 'Rumble in the Jungle', a fight which took place in Zaire, Africa.

What was the fight known as the rumble in the jungle with ali?

The "Rumble in the Jungle" took place in Zaire in 1974. It featured Muhammad Ali and then undefeated heavyweight champion George Foreman. Ali regained the championship with an 8th round knockout of Foreman.

Who won rumble in the jungle?

Muhammad Ali (who beat George Foreman in that fight).

Who did ali fight for the 2nd chAmpionship?

George Foreman in 1974, in Zaire (modern day Congo).

Which fight was first Foreman and Ali or Foreman and Ken Norton?

Foreman beat Norton in his second defense of the heavyweight title (won from Joe Frazier), in Caracas, Venezuela on March 26, 1974. Ali beat Foreman on October 30,1974 in Zaire to recapture the title in the "Rumble in the Jungle."

What did Laila Ali do before she started boxing?

when did Laila Ali started to fight when did Laila Ali started to fight

How much money does Muhammad ali get per match?

Muhammad Ali made a total of $40 million in his career. He earned $3 million per fight, and over $5 million in his fight with Foreman.

Who fought in the rumble of the jungle?

The Rumble in the Jungle was a historic boxing event that took place on October 30, 1974, in the Mai 20 Stadium in Kinshasa, Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo). It pitted then world Heavyweight champion George Foreman against former world champion and challenger Muhammad Ali. Ali won by knocking out Foreman in the eighth round.

Who was the heavywieght boxing champion in 1974?

george foreman before he lost his title to ali in zaire

What did Muhammad Ali say to don king at the end of the rumble in the jungle fight?

He said "Whatever you put in his water, it worked!"This was referring to the unknown substance put in Foreman's drinking water that affected his performance in the fight. The source for this information is Foreman's biography "By George".