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The Cowboys were defeated by the Minnesota Vikings in the second round of the 2009-2010 playoffs, 34-3.

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2010-11-30 02:41:54
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Q: Who did cowboys lose to in last years playoffs?
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If the cowboys lose Saturday are they out of the playoffs?

yes. Go Cowboys!!! Roll Tide!!

Who did the cowboys lose to in 2007?

The Cowboys lost to the Patriots, Eagles, and Redskins in the regular season and to the Giants in the playoffs.

Who did the Dallas Cowboys lose to in the second round of the 2009-2010 playoffs?

The Cowboys were eliminated from the 2009-2010 playoffs by the Green Bay Packers, who defeated Dallas 34-3.

If the Vikings beat the Cowboys who do the Cowboys play next?

The format of the NFL playoffs is single elimination. Lose and you go home.

Who did Dallas Cowboys lose to in 1996 playoffs?

The Cowboys lost in the divisional playoff round to the Carolina Panthers, 26-17, on January 5, 1997.

How many games can the dallas cowboys lose to be out of the playoffs?

That depends on how many games the other playoff contenders have won.

Did last years super bowl teams lose in the first playoffs?

No, in order to make it to the Super Bowl both teams must win all of their playoff games.

When is the last time the 49ers went to the playoffs?

The last time the 49ers were in the playoffs was the 2002-03 season where they defeated the Giants 39-38. They went on to lose to the Tampa Bay Bucanneers the following week 31-6

When was the last time the New York Jets made the playoffs and the New York Giants did not?

1/3/10, if jets lose

Who did the patriots lose to in the 2005 playoffs?

The Denver Broncos.

Are the chargers in the 2008 playoffs?

Through Week 16 of the 2008 season, the Chargers are not in the playoffs. However, should they defeat the Denver Broncos in the last game of the season played December 28 they will make the playoffs as the AFC West Division champion. If they lose or tie, the Broncos will make the playoffs as the AFC West Division champion.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys last lose on Thanksgiving day?

On Thursday, November 26, 2015, the Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the Carolina Panthers s at AT&T Stadium, 33-14. The Cowboys' overall record on the holiday is 29-18-1.

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