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Eastern Kentucky.

Boise State won that game 31-29.

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Q: Who did boise state play for the 1980 division 1-AA Football national championship?
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Which collage football team won the National Championship in 1980?

Division I: Georgia Division I-A: Boise State Division II: California Poly Division III: Dayton source:

How many national championships does Boise State have?

zeroOne in Division IAA Football in 1980.

Has boise state ever won a national football championship game?

Yes In 1980 Division 1-AA against Eastern Kentucky in Sacramento, California. Jim Criner was the head coach. BSU also won the national Championship as a Junior College in 1958.

Which bowl will boise state go to?

Bsu will go to the BCS National Championship Bowl

Who was the 1980 1aa football champion?

Boise State ... they defeated Eastern Kentucky in the championship game.

Is the Boise State Broncos football team still a powerhouse football team?

The term "powerhouse" is subjective. Some deny that Boise State ever was, having never won a BCS National Championship title. However, Boise State is still an annually-ranked team in the Top 25 polls, and rarely loses. In 2012, Boise State finished 11-2, including a bowl victory over Washington.

Which NCAA division 1A team has most consecutive wins at home in college football?

Boise State

When was Boise State Broncos football created?

Boise State Broncos football was created in 1933.

When was Boise National Forest created?

Boise National Forest was created in 1908.

When did Boise State football change from Division 1-AA to Division 1-A?

1996 when they moved from the Big Sky Conference (1-AA) to the Big West Conference (1-A).

What division 1 football teams went undefeated in the regular season in the last 5 years?

Boise state Alabama Auburn Utah

What is the area of Boise National Forest?

The area of Boise National Forest is 10,570.389 square kilometers.

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