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Yes it really burned down, he is in the process of him and Beth rebuilding it

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it was Matt trust me!

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matt hardy!

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No specific person, it was an accident.

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Q: Who did actuelly burn Jeff hardys house Jeff Hardy's House Burns Down?
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Did Jeff hardys house burn down?


Why were the cops in Jeff hardys house?

He was arrested for drugs

How much drugs were found in his Jeff hardys house?


How did Jeff hardys dog die?

Either Jeff's brother Matt killed him when they hated each other in 2008-2009 or he died in Jeffs house fire

Who set fire to Jeff Hardys house?

It is believed that the fire was started by faulty electrical wiring.Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend Beth were not home at the time, but his dog, Jack, was killed in the fire.

How old was Jeff Hardys dog when he died?

his dog died on march the 15 2008 he died by a house fire jack was killed and his dog was only 4 years old!

Who burned Jeff hardys house?

Nobody as far as I know burnt down Jeff Hardy's home. Accidents happen and places do catch fire if your not careful. Last time I checked it was an electrical issue.

Does Jeff hardy have a cat?

Jeff Hardy doesn't have a cat, although he does have a dog (whom perished when Hardys house burnt). I've forgot what the dogs called but you can find it on wikipedia. He doesn't have any other pets though apart from a hamster when he was young The dog that was in the fire.. His name was Jack

Who planted drugs in Jeff hardys house?

Jeff Hardy's younger cousin paid a cop off to plant the drugs during the search through his house. she says she did it because she felt that when he started pro wrestling she felt abandoned. she is 26 and needs to grow the f##k up. needless to say he has cut off all contact with her. and all you hardy hayers out there can deop dead

What might you do if your house burns?

You might rebuild or buy a new house

When does Sykes leave the house?

when it burns down

What happened to MsMaudies house?

It burns up