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Oxford United

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Q: Who did United play in the first league game after the death of Sir Matt Busby?
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Who was Man you's first manger?

Manchester United's first manager was Sir Matt Busby.

Which former manchester united manager made 125 first team appearances for liverpool?

Sir Matt Busby

When did Manchester United turn great?

when sir alex Ferguson arrived though when Sir Matt Busby was in charge in the 60's, United won lots of trophies e.g European cup(first English club to do so) league fa cup and many others

Who was the first football team to win the premier league?

Manchester united were the first to win the premier league in 1992/1993 and the first to get a treble of the 3 major trophies, Premier league, F.A cup and Champions league in 1999 when Ole Gunner Solskjar scored in the last minuit against Bayern Munich.

Who was the first football player at Troy State University to be named all-american?

Sherrill Busby. Busby, a back and receiver, was named to the Associated Press All-America team in 1939. Busby was also Troy's first alum to play in the NFL.

First team to win the premier league?

Manchester United

When did United win their first league title?


Who missed there penalty kick in 2008 champions league against Manchester united?

First Cristiano Ronaldo missed for United, then John Terry missed for Chelsea, sending it into a "sudden death" shoot-out where Anelka missed

What was the United Nations first called?

The precursor to the Current United Nations was called the League of Nations. The League of Nations was founded in 1919. When the United Nations was formed in 1945, the League of Nations basically ceased to exist.

When did Manchester united win the league for the first time?


Who conceded the first premier league goal?

The first game of the FA Premier League was between Manchester United and Sheffield United. Sheffield United scored the first goal and went on to win the match 2-1.

Who are the 3 people in front of old trafford?

On 29 May 2008, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Manchester United's first European Cup title, a statue of the club's "holy trinity" of George Best, Denis Law and Bobby Charlton, entitled "The United Trinity", was unveiled across Sir Matt Busby Way from the East Stand, directly opposite the statue of Busby.