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The Bears and the Saints.

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Q: Who did Peyton Manning play in the super bowl?
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Did Eli and Peyton Manning ever play in the same Super Bowl?

No. As of March 2013, Eli and Peyton Manning have never played in the same Super Bowl.

Who did Peyton Manning play for when he won the Super Bowl?

The Indianapolis Colts

Did Archie manning play in a Super Bowl?

No, not only did Archie Manning not play in a Super Bowl but no team he played on ever made the playoffs.

Did paton manning ever play Eli Manning in playoffs?

No, Peyton manning is on an American football conference team and Eli is on a national football conference team they can only meet in the Super Bowl and they haven't done that.

Have Eli Manning play a playoff game against Peyton Manning?

Until one of the two brothers switches teams, they can only play in the Super Bowl, since Peyton plays for an AFC team (Colts) and Eli plays for an NFC team (Giants). Since they have never played against each other in the Super Bowl, they have never played in against each other in the playoffs.

Did the Peyton brothers play against each other in a super-bowl?


Did Eli Manning play in a bowl game?

2× Super Bowl champion (XLII, XLVI)

Has Peyton Manning played on the pro bowl team a lot?

Yes, he's made the pro bowl 11 times and played in it 10 times, he missed one because he was going to play in the super bowl and it was a week after the pro bowl, so for safety reasons he didn't play in the pro bowl that year,

Did Peyton Manning play during the 2011 season?

No, Peyton Manning missed the entire 2011 season.

What college did NFL player Peyton Manning play for?

NFL player Peyton Manning played for Tennessee.

Did Peyton Manning play for the Washington Redskins?

No, he did not. Peyton Manning used to play for the Indianapolis Colts, and he now plays for the Denver Broncos.

Who did Eli Manning play in super bowl?

30-of-40 for 296 1 TD

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