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Q: Who did Michael Jordan lose to in the dunk contest?
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Did Michael Jordan ever lose the opening game of the opening round playoff series?


Did Michael Jordan lose his last game in the NBA?

Yes, to the Philadelphia 76ers and the score was 107-87.

Did Michael Jordan lose a playoff game 1 at home?

Yes he lost 2. '90 and '92 i believe.

Could Michael Jordan beat LeBron James one on one?

Currently, no, as Michael Jordan is not in his prime. If they were both in their prime, I suspect Lebron James would win because of his strength. Michael Jordan would not be able to keep up physically with LeBron, although he would be able to keep up skill wise. Jordan would win cause of his basketball IQ

Will i beable to dunk if i lose weight i currently weigh 110kg and 5''11 and 5cm from the rim?

no. you need to increase your vertical more to dunk.

Why did kartikeya lose the contest?


Did Apollo ever lose a contest?

yes. they actually have.

What does Michael Jordan not like to do?

Probably the thing he hates to do the most is lose. But in terms of other things, he doesn't really talk about what he doesn't like to do, he just talks about what he does like to do.

Another word for 'to deliberately lose a contest'?

forfeit, concede

What year did ABBA enter the Eurovision Song Contest and lose?


What is the opposite of win?

The opposite of win is lose, or (not in a contest) to fail.

Did Hemingway lose a Hemingway look-alike contest?

Yes, Hemingway did lose a Hemingway look-alike contest in Key West in 1992. Despite the uncanny resemblance to the author, he failed to win the competition.